Member Affinity Benefits

We've partnered with Lincoln Financiala nationally recognized leader in retirement planning services to develop this unique program that leverages the strengths of group participation to provide a cost-effective and easy way for you to implement a turnkey 401(K) employee program. Our Multiple Employer Aggregation Program is a retirement plan solution that lets you offer your employees a competitive 401(K) benefit that can help reduce your fiduciary and administrative responsibilities in the process.

You’re In Charge®

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VIP Discount Program

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 The Queens Chamber is excited to announce that we are now offering our membership discounted access to Smylen - an incredible new type of dental plan.  Their Airbnb-style platform combines a network of top doctors, absolute best prices, 24/7 customer care, & flexible payments - they do it all and ensure the member experience is top-notch.  

Our special Chamber pricing is $7 (single) & $12 (family) per month.  To celebrate this new partnership, the Smylen team is offering all Queens Chamber members a $30 credit towards dental services - with no restrictions or expiration date.  :) 

Activate your membership today and take advantage of:

  • Discounted dental treatment fees - up to 70% (including: teeth-whitening, Invisalign, dental implants, cosmetic work)
  • Concierge-style customer support with Smylen Care Navigator™
  • A curated network of over 2500 top-rated dentists
  • 5% Smylen Rewards back on each purchase
  • Contactless registration, scheduling, & payments
  • No waiting periods - use immediately!
  • Pay monthly - cancel anytime.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to their friendly team at and be sure to mention the Queens Chamber.  


Everyone can save using the Queens Chamber of Commerce Prescription Drug Discount Card

You should be able to get prescription medications at a price you can afford. This prescription discount card is available to all members. 

The next time you visit the pharmacy, try using your Rx discount card to see if it could save you more than your insurance or out-of-pocket costs.

This program/card is a drug coupon. THIS IS NOT INSURANCE. This is not a Medicare prescription drug plan. The Queens Chamber of Commerce Prescription Discount Card provides savings as high as 80% on prescription medications (average savings are roughly 30%). It is accepted at over 68,000 pharmacies around the country and provides discounts on both brand and generic medications.

With this program there are no claims forms, referrals, or paperwork to complete

Ready to start saving? Click here to enroll today. 

10% off your in-store purchase of regularly priced items 
• Safety essentials like face masks, sanitizer and more 
• Office supplies like paper, ink and toner and more 
• Remote furniture like chairs, desks and more 

20% off your in-store Print & Marketing Services order 
• Floor decals, signs and posters 
• Indoor and outdoor banners 
• Disposable menus and more 

The Queens Chamber is excited to announce our newest member benefit, reducing the cost of one of your largest expenses, energy.  We have teamed up with Transparent Energy to provide a process for members to procure energy (electricity and natural gas) through reverse energy auctions, driving your price down.  Transparent Energy has transacted more than $2 Billion in energy supply spend and created more than $110 Million in value for their clients.  

Transparent Energy will:

  • Manage the entire process, that includes vetting all suppliers, gathering historical energy usage, preparing and distributing a request for proposal (RFP), gathering all vetted suppliers to compete for your business, conducting the reverse auction and facilitating the execution of the contract between you and the winning supplier.
  • Not charge any upfront costs to the member and if you are not completely satisfied with the auction results, you do not have to contract with the winning supplier.
  • Discount their services to all members participating in the program.

I encourage you to reach out to Jane Seagraves at (443)614-2846 or, or go to our informational landing page to learn more about their process and how your organization can benefit from it.  Or to learn more about Transparent Energy please visit .