Member Committees

Please contact Jef Gross, Manager of Committee Development for information regarding the working group for these committees

Communications The Communications Committee exist to facilitate communications between the press and Queens business owners about the news and movements throughout the borough and metropolitan area, while coordinating publicity and outreach to the general public.

Energy & Environmental The Energy & Environmental Committee exist to educate Queens County residents and business owners about energy supply challenges and opportunities facing Queens and the metropolitan area, while promoting sensible solutions to meet demand with local resources to accelerate regional economic growth. 

Healthcare and Wellness The Healthcare and Wellness Committee exist to educate Queens County residents and business owners about Healthcare policies affecting Queens and raising awareness for various healthcare and wellness.

Food, Beverage and Hospitality  Our Food, Beverage and Hospitality Committee exist to educate and inform what's transpiring within the food, beverage and hospitality industry in Queens and Greater New York Area. Members will collaborate with each other to discuss pressing issues and potential opportunities to pursue. 

Manufacturing As a central source of information, the Queens Chamber of Commerce (“The Chamber”) monitors and responds to initiatives that affect the economic development of local manufacturers. The Manufacturing Committee advocates for local manufacturers and encourages local, state, and national government action that is “business friendly” to the manufacturing community. 

Non-Profit The Not-for-Profit Committee exist to education the Queens Community not only about the development of Not-for-Profit organizations but to educate Not-for-Profit businesses on issues that can affect their day to day activities and to identify areas of growth to meet the needs of the Queens Community. 

Real Estate The Queens Chamber of Commerce Real Estate Committee exist to educate Queens County residents, business owners and investors about Real Estate challenges and opportunities facing Queens and the metropolitan area.  

Technology The Technology Committee exist to educate Queens businesses about cyber security and streamlining business processes through most up-to-date technology affordable for all businesses.   

Transportation The Transportation Committee exist to educate Queens County and Businesses about issues, changes, and new proposals for all methods of transportation in and out of Queens and the Greater New York Area. 

Arts & Entertainment  The Arts & Entertainment Committee exist to raise awareness within Queens County regarding all aspects of creative activity in the forms of art, dance, e-gaming, film, literature, music and media. It will also inspire and unify Queens County by way of a shared experience. 

Entrepreneurship & Innovation  The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Committee exist to raise awareness of a new group of startups aiming to take their brands global and become drivers of a new economy. This committee will help foster growth of multiple innovation hubs and position Queens Chamber to become an incubator which will enable entrepreneurs to launch and grow their vision. 

Banking & Law  The Banking and Law Committee exist to increase opportunities for awareness for our Chamber members as it relates to education of matters regarding these industries. By way of this committee, volunteers will become more visible and influential as they spotlight their people, products, and services throughout Queens County.

Family-Owned Businesses The Family-Owned Businesses Committee exist to educate, inspire, and support Queens County family enterprises and their families to build long-term, sustainable enterprises and healthy family relationships. This will be accomplished by providing resources and services to aid in accomplishing long-term success.