NYC Schools Workers At 95% Vaccination Rate As Mandate Begins

NEW YORK CITY — A sweeping coronavirus vaccine mandate for New York City's public schools scored an "A" for getting workers to take the jab.

The strict rule took effect Monday at schools across the city after a rocky road to implementation.

Educators and other school staff crammed in more than 18,000 shots since Sept. 24, Mayor Bill de Blasio said. About 43,000 total doses were administered late August when the mandate was unveiled, he said.

"As of today, all of our employees in our 1,600 schools are vaccinated," he said during his daily briefing.

Unvaccinated school staff still number in the thousands, but the city so far appears to have averted feared mass shortages of teachers and other workers.

As of Monday, 95 percent of all full-time school employees are vaccinated, de Blasio said.

He said 96 percent of teachers and 99 percent of principals are vaccinated.

Chancellor Meisha Porter said unvaccinated staffers — who are currently on unpaid leave — will be welcomed back if they get their COVID-19 vaccine doses. She said officials are confident they can fill any staffing gaps .

"Beginning today, and every day going forward, with 100 percent of adults in buildings vaccinated, New York City school are the safest places to be," she said.